My Mind Wandered And Never Came Back.

Saturday’s Poem

This one is for my homies and niggas out  in Maryland

I know I haven’t been home but y’all ain’t even trippin’.

Got tired of watching my mom with all that tear sheddin’ 

Because she knew her boyfriend was out double dippin’.

No disrespect man, rest in peace you was my big homie

It was you who told me about them little thug Niggas early.

Said I’m a light skin girl, with some thick legs and I’m pretty. 

Niggas are gonna lie really hard and try to say they love me

But I know their intentions and they just wanna get between, 

And I ain’t no trick or no hoe so getting this pussy isn’t easy.

You get my big respect, through all the drama you never left

I know growin’ up with my brothers and I was nothing but rough

Yeah we grew up rich but we got beat on young and it was tough

We were always getting lied to and we never learned how to trust

Even still you said when the world sees me they’ll never get enough

Props to my mom for bringing me into this world and always believin’

Remembering how you told me to never give up and always keep tryin’

Never give up on your dreams your something special ain’t no denying 

I think back on all the fights we had that ended with you or me cryin’

I thank God for a mom that supplies me with love that is undying

That’s life.

You think you know someone, but then their true colors come out. 

It seems that trustworthiness is something that no one knows about. 

Do I believe that people can change? Most certainly, without a doubt.

But its to my understanding that not many people choice that route. 

Today’s Poem.

I’ve never consider myself a rapper,but rather a lyricist.

Simply for the fact that I do all of this for the love of it.

The fame and the money is nice but I don’t need that shit,

Because, for me, none of that nonsense has any benefit.

I’m the type of girl that makes success happen for myself.

I learned young you should never depend on anyone else.

I’m an independent women who doesn’t need any man’s help.

Plus, the only thing that their after is what’s below my belt.

Please excuse me if my words are coming off a bit cocky.

Self arrogance is no type of way that should describe me. 

Although if you meet me, you’d find it hard not to agree, 

That my success in this world can be easily foreseen. 

Well, I guess thats all the things that really need to be said. 

I’ve released all the thoughts that were clustered in my head.

“Silly me, for being so believing.”
— The Little Martian
Because he has swag.

Because he has swag.

Just Me.

You will have to forgive me for my imperfections.

Or I’ll never be able to live up to your satisfaction. 

There’ve been times that I’ve fallin’ into temptation.

But I’m only human in simplistic, lament translation.

"You Only Live Once", just to put Drake into quotation.

But being a degraded whore is not my life’s vocation.

Finding unconditional love, that is my life’s motivation.

My one true love is where my heart would like affiliation.

But before you judge me take yourself into consideration.

What makes you so holier than though and full of salvation.

As I recall, we both let our bodies fall into sinful carnation.

But unlike you, forgiveness has become my life’s adaptation.

I’d lie if I said that with you, I didn’t have any kind of fascination.

And even with your forgiveness, theres a possibility of unification. 

But this isn’t for you, this is for me finding my inner satisfaction.

Though you should still consider this thought for further contemplation.